Using Dealroom as a Corporate

Dealroom data & software are trusted by leading corporate organisations. 

There are many use cases on how you can use Dealroom as a Corporate. These are some of them:

  • Identify industry disruptors
    • Access the largest database of startups & scaleups
    • Identify under-the-radar companies with Dealroom’s smart search module
    • Expand your search with our suggested similar companies algorithm
    • Build targeted lists with most advanced tags and filters
    • Conduct in-depth company research
      • Focus on data points that matter the most
      • Look up similar companies & deals
      • Get details on individual funding rounds and exits
      • Easily create aggregate reports on specific markets
      • Use powerful data visualisation tools to understand your markets
    • Track your peers & competition
      • Search the most comprehensive database of investors
      • Locate your peers and competitors across the globe
      • Find investors based on their performance, focus or strategy
      • Monitor investor’s activity & be in the know about your market
    • Identify emerging sectors
      • Stay at the forefront of technology
      • Evaluate the bigger-picture, spot trends by location, industry or business model
      • Visualize macro-developments of the market with heatmaps
      • Create a data-driven culture by objectively identifying trends in your industry

    Take a look at our products and services to gain the most valuable insights about your market.