Real Estate

Real Estate tech or PropTech (property technology) is the use of information technology to help individuals and companies research, buy, sell and manage real estate.



Mortgages & Lending

These subsets of Real Estate startups provide financial services specifically tailored towards the real estate market. These solutions will then be focused on mortgages, for example. Importantly, there might be an overlap with FinTech startups.

Example: Assetz Capital


Workspace refers to premises (either private or public), provided to help new businesses to establish themselves. These typically provide not only physical space and utilities but also administrative services and links to support and finance organizations, as well as peer support among the tenants. In Dealroom, a “Workspace” doesn’t take equity from its tenants, whereas an “Accelerator” does.

Example: WeWork

Search, Buy & Rent

These types of startups are generally platforms that facilitate the discovery, purchase or rent of homes/rooms. Often those companies function on a marketplace-based model, and their revenue is generated with commissions.

Example: HousingAnywhere


These startups provide solutions that facilitate the construction/surveying of real estate properties.

Example: Civdrone

Real Estate Software

These startups provide a software-based solution to make the management and overview of facilities easier and more efficient. Another interesting example is about companies that provide energy efficiency solutions for ‘smart buildings’, these, too, can provide software specific for the real estate market.

Example: SMS Assist

Real Estates Services

These companies provide services around the real estate world that cannot be categorized under the aforementioned categories. For example, these could include tailored customer service and interior design solutions.

Example: Happy Wait