Within the More tab, you can view additional information such as Corporates, Accelerators, Workspaces, Trading multiples and more.

  • Corporates - View companies that have reached the mature stage of their life cycle, through development, expansion or acquisition of other companies
  • Accelerators - A type of investor that offers fixed-term, cohort-based programs that include seed investment, connections, sales, mentorship, educational components.
  • Innovations - Keep on top of the latest innovations through our partnership with the European Union's Horizon program. 
  • Workspaces - Workspace refers to premises (either private or public), provided to help new businesses to establish themselves. These typically provide not only physical space and utilities but also administrative services and links to support and finance organisations, as well as peer support among the tenants. In Dealroom, a “Workspace” doesn’t take equity from its tenants, whereas an “Accelerator” does.
  • Events - Tech conferences and events
  • Universities - View Alumni, Founders, Spinouts, Jobs & Innovations that have spawned from Universities across the globe.
  • Service providers - A company providing services to other companies on a project basis
  • Governments and Non-profits - Government agencies and non-profit organisations
  • LPs - LPs or Limited Partners are investors who provide capital to other investors for them to invest in companies.
  • New funds - This section aggregates all the funds raised by investors. It’s called “New Funds” because we display the most recently raised funds first.
  • Trading multiples - Trading Multiples are a type of financial metrics used in the valuation of a company
  • Transaction multiples - A transaction multiple is a financial metric used to value a company in an exit scenario