Investment heatmap

The Investment Heatmap is one of the best ways to visualise the impact of investments across the world.

We combined all the funding data on our platform and built an interactive table to better understand the numbers. 

As a default, the Investment heatmap shows VC investment over the last 10 years, segmented by country.

You can manipulate this data in many different ways.

Product update: You can now also customise the heatmap by adding or removing categories. Depending on what heatmap you are on, you can compare custom locations, industries, sub-industries, sustainability goals and more! Use the trash icon or the + icon to customise. 

Try swapping the Amount Invested - Countries dropdown to Amount Invested - Industries to identify trends across the different sectors. You can also toggle this to view funding by Business Model, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), Cities, Sub Industries or Regions. 

If you need more granular results, you can select Change view to swap the time interval between data points or to view the number of rounds instead of the amount invested. 

To take the analysis even further, you can click on any of the figures and you will be directed the funding rounds that contributed to that total. 

The data can be visualised in multiple different ways. Click on the graph icons below the save button to toggle between views. 

Tip: You can also add filters to the heatmap. Want to see which sectors are receiving the most funding in Germany? Swap to Amount Invested - Industry. Then add Germany in the filter bar as the HQ Location. Now you can identify the trends arising. 

Maybe you want to compare the number of rounds raised month on month that have funded companies with the focus of Sustainable Development Goal #7 (affordable & clean energy) in the Nordics. Change to Amount Invested - Sustainable Development Goals, then change the view to be Monthly and add a filter for HQ - Nordics.

Tip #2: Once you’ve clicked into one of the data points, you can manipulate the chart results by clicking categories on the legend itself. Want to exclude any investments over €100m? Click €100m-250m and €250m+. The chart immediately updates to reflect your new parameters.


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