FoodTech is an ecosystem made of all the agrifood entrepreneurs and startups (from production to distribution) innovating on the products, distribution, marketing or business model.



Logistics & Delivery

Startups answering the delivery challenges in the food industry, with home delivery of groceries, restaurant meals or meals prepared in their own kitchens.

Example: Meal Kits, delivery marketplaces, discovery boxes, restaurant delivery, delivery robots

In-Store Retail & Restaurant Tech

Startups reinventing the restaurant industry. It means improving the management of restaurants and institutional catering, connecting customers and businesses directly to local chefs for catering and new experiences.

Startups developing solutions for the food retail industry, from the digitalisation of the supply chain to a better in-store shopper experience.

Example: reservation platforms, food service management. catering, restaurant software

Innovative Food

Startups developing new food products answering the need for more transparency, health and environmental concerns. Products range from market innovations to radical disruptions using revolutionary ingredients.

Example: alternative protein, future foods, meal substitutes, packaging, product innovation, drinks


Startups disrupting agriculture. They come up with solutions to improve farming output and quality using drones, sensors and farm management software. AgTech is also about new farm products, next-generation farms and urban farming.

Example: farm management software, drones & robots, urban and novel farms, agriculture marketplaces, ag-biotech

Kitchen & Cooking Tech

Startups developing new generation of appliances or cookware. They provide more technology, new distribution channels or more personalisation.

Example: cooking robots