Finding and seeing jobs

Dealroom has integrated job openings for startups, scaleups and high-growth companies directly into the platform

The new jobs tab

Job openings have their very own tab in the side menu from where you can browse through all the available job opportunities directly in table view, and filter the view to find jobs based on location, job type, market and type, size of the company and more. 

Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 16.48.01

Caution: when clicking on a specific job you will be redirected to the job on our partner's website


Get curated job alerts

Job opening searches can now be saved like any other query on the platform. Get alerts when new German fintech or *insert any other criteria* jobs get listed on the platform. Enter the filters you’re interested in on the jobs tab, then click the Save button on the right.

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You might have already explored our suggested lists and searches on Dealroom. You can use this tab to make and save searches, just like you would on the startups & scaleups tab. The saved searches will appear on top of the job openings page. 

Tip: the job openings sidebar is the fastest way to find new job opportunities on the Dealroom platform

Job openings as a growth signal

If you're interested in which companies are hiring, beyond just looking for a job then you can make a query and see how many job openings those companies have. To understand their growth trajectory follow these steps:

  1. Click on “…” on the right side of the dropdown header and select & move the job opening columns to the top
  2. Sort by nr. of job openings

You can now see the number of current and the latest 3 job openings per company. 

Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 16.32.43

Jobs directly on company profiles

If you already have a specific company in mind, then look it up via the search bar and click on the jobs tab on the company profile, take MessageBird for example. 

You can also choose a company directly from table view, let's say if you've made a query and are curious to see the company's job openings. Simply click on the company name to open the profile, then on the jobs tab.

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