Editing a personal profile

Enhance your personal profile to be discovered by investors and companies

Customizing and updating your profile personalizes your Dealroom experience and allows you to be discovered by others. 

There are two ways to edit your personal profile. You can choose between accessing your profile through the account settings or by searching for your name in the lookup bar. 

To access your profile through the account settings click on your name on the top right corner of the page, go to the Account tab and click on the view your public profile button. This will redirect you to your personal profile.

Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 13.34.24

Looking up your personal profile is done by searching for your name (the name you have used to sign up) in the lookup bar on the top of the page, which will then open the takeover search page. Scroll down to the 'people' section. After you have found your username, click on the name and you will be redirected to your personal profile.

Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 07.20.25

Once you are on your personal profile you can start editing the information by clicking on the edit button on the right-hand side. This will display a window with all the editable sections of your personal profile. You have the option to update your profile details like your profile picture, username, address, education, etc.

Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 13.37.35

Note: Remember to save or apply the changes once you have filled in the relevant data or information.

Need help? 

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